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How to be a plumber in New Hampshire

Learn how to become a plumber in New Hampshire at the at the online plumber training and career center.

If you want to know how to be a plumber in New Hampshire the following is New Hampshire’s licensing information for professional plumbers. In the State of New Hampshire, licensed plumbers are controlled by the “State Board for Licensing and Regulating Plumbers” who are responsible for the issuing of both the Journeyman Plumber license and the advanced Master Plumber license. It is necessary for you to take and pass a qualifying examination to become a licensed plumber who may perform and install plumbing work.

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Qualifications for a Plumber License in New Hampshire:

The Board issues master, journeyman, and apprentice licenses. They also require you to pass an exam to get a license. To qualify for the master’s licensing exam you must have worked as a licensed journeyman for at least six months. To qualify for the journeyman’s licensing exam you need to complete a Board-approved apprenticeship program which includes four years of work experience and four years of education.

Examination & Licensing Fees:

Application for examination fee: $25.
Journeyman Plumber License/Renewal: $60.
Master Plumber License/Renewal: $125.
A New Hampshire Plumber license is valid for one year.

Plumbers Exam Subjects:

The master and journeyman exams are 100 multiple-choice questions and are based on the following content areas:

Subject – Approx. % of Questions

Code, general knowledge – 15%
Drainage, waste & vent – 20%
Water supply, distribution & back flow prevention – 15%
Install practices, methods, materials – 10%
Excavation – 5%
Special wastes/roof drains – 10%
Fixtures & trim – 10%
Inspection & testing – 5%
Science & theory – 5%
Laws & rules – 5%

Reciprocity Agreements

If you have a license in another state, you can apply for the journeyman exam without completing the apprenticeship program. If you have a license from the state of Vermont or Maine you can get a license in New Hampshire by just paying the New Hampshire license fees.

Contact the State Board for Licensing and Regulating Plumbers for further information:

New Hampshire State Board for Licensing and Regulating Plumbers
2 Industrial Park Drive
P.O. Box 1386
Concord, NH 03302-1386
(603) 271-3267
(603) 271-3267

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